August 23

My Hacked Pokemon Go

On Sunday 21st of August I didn’t have any thing to do so I tried to play Pokemon but couldn’t because I don’t have data so I messed are round and hacked Pokemon.


If you don’t believe that is me look at the bottom left corner.


So I moved around using the buttons and now don’t now where I am. With the help of that I now have pretty decent Pokemon.




May 9

Stairway to the sky

The sky looks like cotton candy. There is a blue see through ocean.The grass is dark green. There a grace full bird. there is also a magical concrete stair leading to the sky the water is calm and clean it is colorfull , beatyfull.

October 15

My Two Shadows

Yesterday morning we were doing an experiment with shadows. A shadow is when the sun pushes light against a soiled object that  cannot pass through it so it creates a shadow.

First we wrote what we thought would happen. Then we went outside stood in a pose and then my partner traced around me. Then i traced my partner. We did some work then we went back at 2:20.

They magically moved GASP. First my shadow was long and skinny then when the world moved the sun had another  view and that’s why the shadow was short and stubby.



JPEG Image